About our podcasts

The hum∇n podcast seeks to create a space of dialogue and exchange with people from different backgrounds and identities, that are involved in or somehow touched by current feminist movements. Our aim is to explore differing ideas and opinions about the socio-historical moment feminism is going through and how feminism is contributing (or can contribute) to social transformation. With the name “hum∇n,” we strive to go beyond labels, categories and stereotypes to focus on our personal humvn experiences, our desires, limitations and strengths.

How we conduct hum∇n conversations

Freedom of expression. hum∇n’s mission is to create a space of free and open dialogue. Express your opinion without fear, even if it may be controversial.

Peace, love and mutual respect. Freedom of expression must however be balanced against another fundamental tenet of the humvn philosophy: we are against violence, hatred and aggression. Views or terms that might be considered offensive or demeaning should only be used to the extent that they are contextualised and add value to the debate.

Accessibility. Our audience is varied and ranges in terms of feminist knowledge. Try to communicate your message in a way that everyone can understand 🙂

Interview-revisited. hum∇n podcast episodes are not interviews, but conversations, exchanges, in a public yet intimate space. At hum∇n we believe that the traditional interviewer-interviewee dynamic skews the relationship between the participants and undermines the equal plane on which we should be engaging with one another. Also for this reason, episodes are built collaboratively with our participants. (In Italian: We will also use the informal “tu” rather than “lei”).

Minimal editing. Since humvn is a judgment-free space, there is room for error! We believe that people should be allowed to be fallible and that it is from our mistakes that we learn most. This means we will try to keep editing to a minimum to ensure transparency. But not to worry! If needed, you will always have the possibility to clarify/explain your statements after the episode goes live, on our various platforms.