Episode 7: Alliances

Feminism is not a single front. There is a universe of feminisms (liberal, neoliberal, transfeminist, transexcluding, intersectional, decolonial, and many others), which meet, intertwine and yes, sometimes even clash. We close this first season of the Humvn Podcast with a discussion on this theme: the alliances – possible and impossible – between today’s feminist movements.

Let’s try to understand if and how different feminisms can work towards a common political goal without canceling one story, and where instead it is important to draw a border with what we feel no longer represents us and move towards new horizons of struggle.


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Episode 6: Art, architecture, and feminism

Art fills our lives with magic and wonder, architecture dictates how we are in the world: but do we understand it? Do we value art in the right way? In this episode four companions came to the Humvn Podcast to share their knowledge and to talk to us about the invisibility of the professions of culture and the evaluation of the role of art and the artist in our society, of which stereotypes – gender, origin – underlie the types of knowledge promoted by the predominant cultural institutions, and how a feminist decolonial gaze can act as a rehabilitation tool: not only to overturn how art is “made”, but also how it is appreciated.

We love you, we appreciate you… good listening, good week and good fight!


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Episode 5: Pinkwashing and influencer feminism

Pinkwashing, greenwashing, rainbowwashing… Traps are everywhere. Can the feminist struggle help us? Or can she too be prey to the logic of capitalist commodification? The fifth episode of Humvn is dedicated to this: pinkwashing, feminism influencer, digital activism and yes, Chiara Ferragni too. Spoiler: We don’t have the answers, we swing in our rankings too. However, we want to have the courage to share some of our ideas, not only to deconstruct the predominant systems, but also to reconstruct new narratives and new approaches. Constructive criticism is also love. @chiaraferragni and @michelamurgia the episode contains an invitation to untie these knots with us on the podcast, would you like to participate?

Episode 4: The impact of feminism on our relationships

What kind of Sunday is it without an afternoon nap and an episode of the Humvn Podcast? Here we talk about the impact of feminism on our relationships, and how feminism has changed, complicated but most importantly saved our lives.

Enjoy listening, have a great week, and have a good fight!

Episode 3: ‘Conforming’ & ‘non-conforming’ bodies

We’re back with our weekly dose of transfeminism <3 This week we’re discussing so-called “conforming” and “non-conforming” bodies, who has the power to decide what constitutes a conforming body and the gatekeeping of trans people. Light topics essentially… but we’re not afraid 🙂 

Episode 2: Privilege

We continue our series on The Humvn Podcast with the 3 companions of the Collective born from the Master in Gender Studies at the University of Rome 3. We dedicate this episode to the theme of privilege: we talk about how feminism helps us to see and deconstruct our own privileges, to build the world we want to live in.

Happy listening!

Episode 1: Sex, violence, and consent

Welcome to the launch of the Humvn Podcast with our first episode on sex, violence and consent! We’ll talk with 4 sisters from the Feminist Collective set up in 2021 from the Master in Gender Studies and Politics at Roma Tre University. We’ll be posting an episode every Sunday to give you a pre-weekly feminist boost! Watch this space ❤️

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Happy reading!

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