our values

creating a space for dialogue and exchange on gender issues requires editorial choices that are not always easy or obvious. how do we tackle these challenges? in hum∇n, we are guided by the following values in every step we take:

sisterhood. we support each other in fighting the cisheteropatriarchy and all systems that seek to oppress us.

care. we pledge to take care with regards to the words that are disseminated on the hum∇n platform and to ensure that we respect the sensitivities of others as much as possible.

critical though. feminism teaches us how the process of deconstructing and reevaluating pre-established systems is ever ongoing. we practice critical thought and remain open to evolve along with expanding collective knowledge.

celebration of differences. we celebrate people of all ethnicities and cultures, the LGBTQIA+ community, nonbinary people, people with disabilities, neurodivergent people, and all those who divert from the imposed idea of what is “normal”. for us, this celebration starts with listening.

responsibility. when we make mistakes, we take responsibility for our mistakes, we find this indispensable to build a healthy and honest dialogue.

there is room at the hum∇n table for anyone who shares and respects, together with us, these values ❤️