our mission

fighting systems, not people.

hum∇n is a transfeminist collaborative project born from the desire to create a free and open space for discussion on the variety of current feminist movements and on gender issues. This project is based on the belief that the only way to progress is through communicating one’s own truth and listening to the truth of others, with the opportunity to make mistakes and grow, to be fallible. With the name “hum∇n,” we seek to move beyond prejudices, rigid categories and labels to speak humvn to humvn.

hum∇n provides different platforms – from the audiovisual to the literary and artistic, from the physical to the digital – within which to facilitate this discussion and explore the major issues currently being faced by feminist movements.

the hum∇n podcast invites diverse individuals that are active in or affected by current feminist movements to talk about their personal experiences with feminism, explore their views on the social-historical moment feminism is undergoing, and put forward ideas on how these movements can best achieve their goals. Click here to find out more about our podcast.

the hum∇n blog is a space in which to communicate these views and stories in written form, ask questions and encourage debate on the most pressing feminist issues of our time, as well as recommend books, articles, films, music and other materials of interest. Click here to find out more about our blog.

the hum∇n community is open to all who show up with open hearts and minds, and respect our values.